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During 28.06-6.07.2017 one of the world’s most beautiful festivals of light took place. Each evening in the heart of Jerusalem's Old Town, century-old walls were shining in the thousands of colors from almost 40 different light installations.

Every year more than 600 artists from all over the world apply for the attendance in the Festival. This year, once again, thousands of participants everyday took part in this magic luminous performance, consisting of interactive projects, performative performances, multimedia projections and installations.

Our mapping of "Solaris" illuminated one of the most important objects of the Old Town - Hurva synagogue, whose intricate and complex history inspired us to show its fate with light, colors and symbols.

We are enchanted by the Festival and we hope we can return next year with a new project.



Event: Light in Jerusalem Festival

Time and venue: 28.06-6.07.2017, Jerusalem

Job description: mapping 3DDesign / Animations: Olga Balowska, Sebastian Jachimowicz, Robert Słowik

Sounding / Sound Effects: Marek Smok Rajss

Project management / Technical execution / Multimedia equipment: Visualsupport