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We are lucky to cooperate with the Light Move Festival in Łódź from the very beginning of its existence. We feel part of it and we are proud to observe its amazing development, the mission of discovering new artistic lands and the vision of creating one of the largest and most interesting cyclical outdoor events in Poland.


This year, once again, we have provided the festival with multimedia devices of the highest quality including our latest Barco projectors from the UDX series.


Especially for the needs of the festival, we have also prepared two 3D mapping projections on two buildings, in the very center of festival events - at Plac Wolności.




"Painted with Light"

Can a building be a piece of art? Cracow artists tried to find answer for this question out - artists who have mastered the art of light painting. Refined in the smallest details, full of details, pulsing with thousands of colors, images and colors, the mapping projection transformed the facade of the church into a real painting canvas

Artists: Olga Balowska, Robert Słowik, Sebastian Jachimowicz





A fabulous architectural mapping with an intriguing title, taking spectators on a fascinating and surprising journey between surrealistic worlds. The large-format 3d projection, which is a combination of having fun with light and architecture, allowed the spectators to see the museum from a completely new perspective.

Artist: Sławomir Fąfara


Client: LuxProMonumentis

Project: Light Move Festival 2017

Time and place: 29.09-01.10.2017, Łódź

Scope of work: animation and multimedia technology