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„In the other October’s night appears the mysterious dragon covered with scales breathing deadly fire. It hatched in the light shadow and moves between the day and night.”


Client: LuxProMonumentis

Projekt: Light Move Festival 2016
Date and location: Oct 2016, Łodz

Artists: Robert Słowik, Sebastian Jachimowicz



It’s been five years since Light.Move.Festival. has changed the image of Lodz for the first time. Streets, squares and parks wake up lightened with wonderful colors, dynamic play of light and above all – amaze the viewers with a mysterious shine, hidden in the day light. Every year LMF attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from Poland and abroad, and consequently builds its brand as the best festiwal of light in Poland. During this edition 550 000 people, attracted by modern art and unusual installations held in various spaces of the modern city. Large format projections, 2D / 3D mappings, shown on the facades of eclectic buildings, artistic illumination of houses located in main streets of Lodz, audiovisual performances in the post-industrial areas and numerous spatial installations are just a little part of a ambitious program of the LMF. In addition to that – concerts, conferences and amazing atmosphere – this is what the Lux Pro Monumentis Foundation prepares for all people, seeking good light entertainment!