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The autumn Premiere of Mercedes-Benz Citan is probably one of the most interesting events that we were to produce. Thanks to the crazy idea of ​​Grupa Eskadra we took part in the unofficial breaking of world record in ... creating Gala on time. 11 Mercede-Benz Citan cars, 189 waiters, acrobats, stuntmen, musicians, dancers and engineers, 20 tons of equipment and food, 530 guests and a stopwatch. 14 minutes 45 seconds - enough time for us to prepare in front of the guests a unique launch of a vehicle.


Huge MT Poland hall, brave customer, crazy idea. The result?





Event:  Premiere of Mercedes-Benz Citan                                                      

Client: Eskadra  Group for Mercedes Benz

Director: Mateusz Zmyślony

Date and venue: October 2012, Warsaw

Job description: multimedialna technical support, visual solutions