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A stunning, 200m2 large model crowded with tens of thousands of Lego mini figures on horses accompanied by a spectacular audio-visual show illustrates tone of the largest battles in Medieval Europe.

Visualsupport was responsible for building the multimedia installation. 


A massive 18 projectors – all from Sony’s latest 3-D BrightEra system series with the cutting-edge Z-Phosphor laser light source – display a dazzling show of high-resolution images in bright and realistic colours.

- 5 powerful Sony VPL-FHZ60  projectors with ultrashort-throw lenses illuminate the huge battlefield model showing the course of that historic event.

- The other 13 Sony VPL-FHZ57 projectors immerse spectators in a 360 degrees scenery projected on the background screens that surround the battlefield covering its surface from end to end.


The entire installation is managed by a set of media servers using Dataton’s Watchout software.

To further enhance the experience, visitors can use 6 touchscreen tablets to interactively control numerous projections.

Thanks to this amazing technology you feel as if you’re right in the middle of one of Europe’s most historic battles.



Project: Permanent multimedia installation

Organizer: HistoryLand Krakow

Date and place: from November 2017, Main Railway Station in Krakow

Visuals: Melt Studio