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Unilumin Upad III P2.6  is a top class screen in SMD technology, designed for indoor projections. 

High resolution - 2 mm pixel makes it an ideal screen for displaying even the most complex images with lots of details. 

Light modules ( 9kg )combined with magnetic casing enables easy and fast installation. 
Climbable panel design for maintenance when hanging instalation , service platform is designed when stacking installation.
Rear-accessible magnetic design allows module service from the back.
Universal modules dimensions ( 50x50 cm ) and curve possibilities allows for interesting arrangements or to build original screen


Native Resolution:

1920x1152 pix with the size of 5x3 m


projections indoors


Options to curve the screen to the inside and outside


the ability to implement the touch screen of any size


Any form of modular design

(1 element with dimensions of 50x50cm)


Exchange of each of the modules in 10 sec.

Quick replacement of the power module




LED screen in a completely new version expanded with the ability to control content by touch.


- A modern system of presentation

- Touch screen technology using infrared

- High image quality

- Any multimedia content: photos, videos, 3D objects, animations

- Any size and shape of the screen

- Intuitive navigation

- The perfect solution for trade shows and presentations