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Upad III is an innovative indoor LED display, the leader in the Unilumin LED market. Thanks to its ultra-high resolution, it can display Full HD content at 5m width. Its light, modular design makes it possible to install and operate even for one person. Magnetically mounted modules facilitate assembly so that the replacement is extremely simple and fast. Calibration saved directly on modules eliminates the need for data transfer after they have been replaced. Extremely easy access to the power module, allowing it to be replaced in as little as 10 seconds. The screen is especially recommended where image quality is important. Ideal for conferencing applications, trade show presentations, TVs or as a fixed installation.

- Highest quality components

- Concave and convex screen construction

- Replacing the power module in 10sec.

- Cabinet design with magnetic technology. Positioning of individual components automatic and easy to use.

- The ability to build and operate the screen by 1 person.

- The cabins are designed for climbing at them.

- High refresh rate up to 3840Hz.

- Dimensions of LED panel in universal size 50x50cm.